Sponsor/Exhibitor Terms & Conditions

Sponsorship Terms & Conditions

No employer/employee relationship is established or implied with this sponsorship agreement. The Promoter has no liability or responsibility to the Sponsor beyond the scope of this agreement.
The Sponsor grants the Promoter the right to use their intellectual property in promoting the event, including logos and other brand trademarks.
If the nature of the purchased sponsorship package must be changed for any reason, the Promoter agrees to notify the Sponsor in writing.
The purchased sponsorship package is not transferable for any reason. If the Sponsor cannot meet the financial requirements of this agreement, the Sponsor agrees to provide written notification to the Promoter in a timely manner so that the Promoter may find another suitable sponsor.
Anything not expressly addressed in this sponsorship agreement’s terms shall be governed by the contract laws of Florida.
The sponsor agrees to the following conditions for attending the event:
  • Arrive by 3:00 pm on the day before the event (Thursday) and stay at the event until 6:00 pm on the final full day of the event (Sunday).
  • Bring a van, trailer, displays or product to present to attendees.
  • Collaborate in promoting the event via existing channels: Social Media, Newsletters, Website, etc.
  • Obey all event rules and terms applicable to event attendees (click here to read).
  • Provide item(s) for giveaway in one of the event raffles (optional but recommended)

All sponsorship sales are final and will not be refunded unless the event is canceled by the organizer.